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Growing our own vegetable and ornamental transplants, Speedling understands the importance of great horticultural products. Many of the items sold in this division are also used at our nurseries across the country. These products are designed to extend the life of our trays, and enhance the uses of our insulated containers. See below for more information on our horticultural product line

Gel Packs


Gel & Heat Packs only sold in cases.

G8 Gel Pack
½ lb Gel Pack 8 oz (Packed 72 per carton)

G16 Gel Pack
1 lb Gel Pack 16 oz (Packed 36 per carton)

G24 Gel Pack
1.5 lb Gel Pack 24 oz (Packed 24 per carton)

G32 Gel Pack
2 lb Gel Pack 32 oz (Packed 18 per carton)

H2O Gel Pack
Grabber Heat Packs come 240 per case


5 Gallon Pail

5 Gallon Pail

Speedling SuperCote is a product designed to extend the life expectancy of expanded Polystyrene (EPS) flats. The SuperCote has been successfully used when growing the following plant species: Lettuce, Endive, Celery, Tomato, Tobacco, Citrus and Pine.

** DO NOT STORE this product outdoors or leave exposed to sunlight, as it will cause the liquid to clump and be made ineffective.

IMPORTANT CAUTION: Non-labeled crops produced in trays coated with SuperCote are done at your own risk! We strongly recommend you conduct a ‘test plot’ prior to using the product on the full crop.

Inserts for Planter Flats


As a farmer or a gardener Speedling planter flats are a valuable resource, and our inserts help you get the most out of those trays. Inserts line your aging trays providing more support, extending the life time of the product.

Insert, 128 Cell, white, packed 80/box

Insert, 72 Cell, Packed 80/box, only fits TR72A tray




Peatlite Mix

Composition: 80% Peat Moss, 10% Perlite, 10% Vermiculite

3CF Bag

Half Pallet
25 3CF Bags

Full Pallet
48 3CF Bags